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Mike Koenig - Lowbuz

In 2011, we lost our best friend, bandmate and all around best person that you would be lucky enough to say you knew. He was a talented composer, engineer, and producer. 

Music was Mike's life. Without him this band would have never existed.

The music lives on because he would want it to, because it needs to, and because it is his legacy.


In his memory we continue to love and listen to that which is LowBuz.....

......the music lives on.

We. Miss. Mike. Every. Day.


Michael Koenig

Jeff Dixon - Lowbuz

Jeff Dixon

Dave Neabore - Lowbuz
LJ Gravine - Lowbuz

LJ Gravine

Rob Tarulli - Lowbuz

Rob Tarulli

Mike Morales - Lowbuz

Mike Morales

Dave Neabore

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